Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One Hint for INSTANTLY increasing sales!

***News Flash***--A customer is 4X more likely to purchase something that they have actually touched!

What does this mean for you? You can INSTANTLY Increase sales by tailoring your booth so that your customers "touch" more! Here are some useful tips for going about this...

  • NO CLUTTER-Make things easy for potential clients to touch, feel, hold and access, without the FEAR of breaking pieces. If items are too cluttered and bunched together, people will be afraid of breaking things and hesitant to touch them.

  • INVOKE THEIR SENSES-Pick up a piece that a potential customer is looking at and put it right in their HANDS. You can say, “Here, go ahead, this will help you see all of the detail in the piece” as you hand it to them. Works like MAGIC.
  • USE MIND TOUCH-If you sell paintings, photography, large scale wall art or sculpture, which the potential customer cannot hold in their hands, you can still bring down a piece from the wall or pro-panel and place it where they can look closer... then use lots of adjectives to describe the texture, hues, form and all other elements of the piece that make it unique and superb. This is called "mind touch", when you trigger their senses by articulating the beauty.

  • HANG & RAISE- Hanging items is also a great way to make people want to "touch". If using tables for displaying your work, make things more EYE LEVEL, by raising your tables with leg- risers.(Use home-made cut PVC pipe or you can purchase pre-manufactured risers if the thought of cutting your own is daunting)

  • USE PEDESTALS-Tables are not always the best way to display work, but if you are going to use them, use them wisely and make the work as eye level as possible with risers and pedestals. This will help encourage touch. You DON'T want your customers to have to bend over to see your work. And keeping work lower, also means your pieces are not lit up as well by overhead LIGHT.

  • GET CREATIVE-Wooden staircase banter tops can make good pedestals for some work. Paint or stain, for a professional look -(found at hardware stores. I found mine at Home Depot, but stores may vary so look around). There are lots of little tricks like this where you can get creative in designing your booth and as you do more shows you will come up with even more creative inexpensive ideas.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Using Brand Models to Elevate Value In Your Business

1. Chose some of the brands you most admire. Ponder their perceived value, their track record, their overall vibe. Try to think of 5 and write them down on paper.
For me... I came up with Mailchimp, Mac (even though I don't own one yet. I am converting one day!), One Hot Cookie, Athleta and Gorilla Glue.

2. Now think about the emotions and feelings that are invoked in you, when you think about the five brands you chose? List them on paper by each brand.

3. How do these brands make you feel? How do you feel about yourself when you experience them? When using these brands how do you feel others perceive you?
When I use a mac, I feel extremely professional and that others perceive me as a real pro as well.

When I look at Athleta's catalog, I see healthy women as opposed to anorexic ones, and I feel part of a healthy, fit women's revolution, when I pour through the pages.

4. Now look at the website and logo of the brands you listed, are there any design or visual elements that appeal to you? Be very specific as you list these.

5. What kind of positioning do they have in the market? How are their prices positioned in the market?

When looking at Mailchimp's position, they do not make you lock into a contract, which is very appealing, for a small business. However they are not underpricing themselves.

6. Now think about how you can use "brand models" to inspire your premium brand position. What three action words, practices or insights can you immediately apply to your art or craft business?

This exercise is an altered version of an exercise provided in Marie Forleo's Online Virtual Business Master Class.

I am constantly reading business & marketing books and taking the next best class, seminar or workshop... so that I can provide the most current, cutting edge and up-to-date materials to my clients. The more I learn and know, the more I realize there still is to learn!

It is true for all of us that learning or mastering a skill like business and marketing is never done! There is always more to learn and know! Enjoy the process and let go of perfection!

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Freea Sarti
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Livin' On Toast & Wine

I wanted to share my "livin' on toast and wine" experience, because I feel it REALLY applies to running a small business of any kind. I know your curious so I...Wrote a story bout' it, wanna hear it?... here it go....

My mom was a music connoisseur while I was growing up, and my father worked in the music industry most of his adult life, so I had a strong music appreciation influence from both sides. This appreciation started early with the love of the classic rock artists/songs of the 1970's, of which I often sang along to rather off tune.

At about age 4 or 5, I walked around the house belting out the lyrics “Livin' on Toast and Wine”, with my mom always smirking rather funny, while I sang this particular tune. One day she finally informed me that the song really went... “Living on Tulsa Time”.

“Tulsa Time” had no REAL context to me, since I didn't know WHERE Tulsa was or even that is was a place. If she had explained what or where is was, I would have had a reference point, but without one, I just kept singing “Livin' On Toast & Wine”. I STILL sing it to this day for fun.

As I have moved along my business path, I have had things come up that I have NO understanding of or reference point for. When I seek CLARITY by researching and asking the right questions, ONLY then do they begin to make sense, have context, and sometimes hold value...AND only then can I evaluate whether or not they work for me and my business and if it makes sense for me to integrate them into my life and implement and apply them to my business or SING them to others as valuable, worthwhile endeavors.

Without doing research on our own, by reading, digging and asking questions to those who have gone before us, and who have deeper knowledge & understanding, we continue singing the same lyrics, even when it's wrong and out of tune AND we don't grow into other more profitable higher leveraging techniques and strategies for building our business and taking it to the next level.

When presented with something that you have NO point of reference for or minimal understanding of, learn MORE. There are a million creative ways to go about “learning more”. Find the way that works best for you. You may hate reading books, but love chatting with other artists for example.

Whatever approach you take for learning MORE and making INFORMED decisions about your business, make sure it is a fun process for you. Only then can you begin to build a sustainable business and quit your day job.