Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tricks For Marketing Your Work in a Tough Economy

Marketing art work during economic down-turns requires a higher degree of creativity. The same creativity that opens the soul to creating one's most masterful pieces of art work, can facilitate the process of one's most masterful marketing strategies.

Marketing can be much more fun than sending updates and invitations via email or snail mail. In addition, it can be further reaching than your immediate mailing list.

If you find yourself struggling in the face of a tough economy, ask yourself this simple question; Am I diversified enough? We always hear about the importance of diversification when it comes to our financial portfolios, but rarely when it comes to our art business. Applying these same principles to your business, will bring you financial stability when the waters are rough. In addition, it is a key component to making a prosperous living doing what you love.

What exactly do I mean by diversification? I mean do you have revenue coming from a diverse range of sources? Have you continued to tap new sources with in your market? For example, if you do a lot of art shows, are you also rooted in wholesale accounts? If not, can you make a commitment to develop this aspect of your business? Maybe you feel your art work is not marketable in the wholesale world. Can you think of how it could become so? Can you think of clever ways to make this cross over? If you are a painter or photographer, one innovative way to do this is to have your work printed on silk scarves. They sell well via wholesale and they are so light that shipping cost are extremely low and you never have to worry about breakage and damage.

Perhaps you already sell of out of galleries, have a number of wholesale accounts and even do a number of art shows. If this is the case and you have been creative enough to get this far, you may take a moment to congratulate yourself. It takes time, commitment and hard work to round yourself out this way.

Stop for a moment and think bigger though. If you were creative enough with your marketing to get this far...How much further could you go if you tap into your creativity even deeper?

One of the most fun and creative marketing strategies that you can implement is parallel marketing. Why?, because people generally HATE to be sold stuff, but on the other hand, isn't it true that they LOVE to be invited to things?

So read on in my next article on Parallel Marketing to learn how you can host a marketing event that will create excitement and buzz about your art work and have people buying it without you even having to “sell” it. And they will bring their friends to buy even more work. This is great leverage for launching your creativity and it will be a nice break from the regular art shows and other marketing strategies that alone may not earn you enough income in a challenging economy. So read on...

Freea L. Sarti
Pro-Artist Advocate

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